super commercial yummy-ness just hours from starting…

okay sixth grade – all five of you – back to blogging:)

“theft of memory” – brilliant book by an education guy – he’s written a ton of books over the year – this one, his most personal about his father’s fight with alzheimer’s – the book made me miss my grandparents – i thought of lending it to my mother and decided it was better to not – i guess just one thought to share, we seem very okay with doctor slip-ups with older people – doctor’s can misdiagnose and we’re like “well, they had to die of something…” and be okay with that – instead of maybe pushing back harder – like we would if a healthy small child was misdiagnosed

“the fear project” – yuck – i thought the book was going to be about running – instead it was about surfing – for a while – then about eastern meditation – for a while – and then about how when you’re an old single guy in your 30s, you just give up and BOOM!!! you meet the perfect woman that let’s you take on the biggest fear of all – having a kid – whatever…

“gilead” – so after years, i finally read this book – it had received good reviews – probably in hindsight too many good reviews b/c i began to suspect the book was like a hallmark movie – and i abandoned the thought of reading it – but years later and two more books related to it later , i gave in – and it was good – it didn’t go where i thought it would – thankfully – so i did enjoy it – which is very rare for me – and i passed it along to my mom – way better for her to read than anything i’ve read in a while


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  1. Just WaspMan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    “Book of Mordred:Kiera”;Creative:Prediction Day 4 Yep its that time of the week
    I predict that bayard killed the boys to somehow get to kiera
    i predict that mordreds troops are wiped out by arthurs
    i predict that bayard is using alayna to help defeat modred
    i predict that before halbert died he swapped bodies with bayard so now bayard is halbert in disguise

    Happy Prediction day don’t forget to make your own book predictions

    WaspMan Out

  2. I read the first chapter of John in the Bible so here are some verses that stood out to me.

    John 1:3
    “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

    People have many different thoughts about how everything was created. But I believe God created all things throught the Heaven and the Earth. Without our savior, we would have nothing. We would be nothing.

    John 1:12
    Yet to all who recieved him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

    God loves everyone on this Earth. Though are parents sometimes get frusrated with us they still love us. It’s the same way with God. he may be dissapointed with our choices, his love never fails.

  3. alright here’s a brief summary of what i’ve read this week.

    i’ve been reading the jake olson book and have really been enjoying it. recently, i got to a segment about a pro bass fisherman who has no legs, no left arm, and only a portion of his right arm. he was born like that, and has been told since a young age that God would use him just the way he was. he won tournaments, and would be fishing in a higher league except for the fact that the higher leagues require that each fisherman be able to assist an other in a time of danger; something he can’t do.

    stories like this make even our most ‘difficult situations’ seem tiny. hearing these testimonies cause us to reevaluate ourselves and our focus and what’s really important.

  4. That speacker had made me relieze something: my GPA and ACT score has to be high. Escpecially with my college plans of a doctorite in music and a masters in education. But besides that, the book for this blog. Last time I blogged, I was talking about some of the landmarks/landscapes of the “House” (and no, that isn’t the TV show that happens to be my favorite one). I’m not going to continue that, and I can’t descride it well enough unless I can pin a drawing, that captures the concept of the places, on the blog. So I’ll jump into a “creature-feature” type of deal.

    There are many background creatures that were developed by Garth Nix. From the Nithlings to the Denzies, the “Keys to the Kingdom” series has a full array of beings that are main and supporting characters. Some of my favorites are actually the Denzies. These beings are so bent on their work, that they give so much trouble to Aurthor when he tries to call on them for help. The “Will”, parts of the “Architect” scattered embetween the “Trustees”, also gives Aurthor a lot of grief, which is most due to the Will having posession of the first three keys (not the fourth because Aurthor has Sir Thursday’s key/baton/rapier thing).

    The New Nithlings. Descrided to be creatures of nothing, made from nothing, that do the bidding of any one who controls them, which is currently the Piper. These… things are mostly humanoid, except that they have extra body parts. A certain “New Nithling” named Ugham, that is accompaning Fred Gold and Suzie Turquoise Blue, is a triclops (a being with three eyes).

  5. March
    Cal got a cal.. “Hello? Callum?” “Jennifer?!!” Cal said. “Yes, it is me, Cal.” Jennifer said. “I have been waiting for you to call back forever! Oh, I am so sorry about the zoo! I was at the zoo but I jumped the wrong fence and -” She cut him off. “I no, I heard about it and everything… It’s ok… And lets just hope the 3rd time is lucky, Can we meet tomorrow?” “Yes we can” Cal said. “Where do you work now? Please tell me it’s not a zoo, or a DOCTOR!” “No it’s not, I work now at a CVC” She said. Cal was getting more and more worried as she was telling him exactly what time an were.
    That is it for the week! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Line: I was halfway in shock.

    Commentary: Kelly was in a car accident and it killed everyone accept her her legs were broken so she called 911 when suddenly everything went pitch black and she woke up in the hospital with both two legs gone sooner in the chapter she will continue her life with prosthetic legs but I haven’t got that far yet…

  7. So excited for IMovie everyone in my group we will start using our new sayings

    Or if you prefer

  8. Line

    My parents forced me to have a going away party


    I am reading looking for Alaska and I chose this line because this guy named miles is going to collage in Florida and so he is having a going away party. He doesn’t want to have a going away party but can’t change anything he wants to do

    I will call you every Sunday


    I chose this line because miles is finally in collage and he had to promise he would do no drugs, no ciggeretts, or anything bad. He promised that he would call every Sunday and that he would be ok and not to anything bad

    ” well I didn’t see anything but I heard footsteps going right beside me and I thought it might just be a person who was going to turn the lights back on but it wasn’t and then I heard a where is it and I thought they were trying to find the lights.” Said Alexa

    ” when you turned the lights on how did you know that the wild cat was missing? ” said the cop

    “Well I had been bragging about it to my friends all night and I had a feeling it was gone and sure enough it was” said Alexa

    ” thank you for your time ” said the cop

    ” you are so very welcome I thought you might need one so I came and asked and sure enough you did! ” said Alexa

  9. Hope everyone has had a fantastic week. I know I have, with the intense adrenaline of Scholar’s Bowl still bumping in my veins. 🙂 Did you guys know that there are no hands on an analog clock??

    So far in Gathering Blue, Annabella, the old dyer who has been teaching Kira how to dye threads, has suddenly “died” of mysterious causes. (Please excuse my crude pun)

    Line: “Only then did it occur to Kira to wonder, ‘Who found her? How did they know to look?’”
    Commentary: Kira is highly suspicious of the people who found Annabella. Annabella lived in a cottage far away from the village. She was completely isolated and basically unconnected to the village. No one except Kira ever traveled to her cottage- so did Annabella really die of old age- or was is red rum…. red rum…. red rum


    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    this rhyme is so overused,
    I think I might puke.

    Especially because of the approach
    of Valentine’s day.
    Where the only benefit is the chocolate
    that is half off the next day.

    But of course, we can always count on Hannah,
    To starlette the obnoxious couples away,
    For she is a special one,
    Or so we let her think, anyway.

    If worse comes to worst, we can always call on Don John,
    He’s really good at making a last minute con.

  10. right now in my ELA homeschool curriculum, i am studying propoganda, mr. mayfield.

    …another tool i can use for stalking.


  11. Oooohhhh waffle time waffle time do you want a waffle of mine? I’ve already told you greystripe, I DONT KNOW WHAT A WAFFLE IS!!!! Firestar doesn’t like waffles! Firestar dosent like waffles? Firestar dosent like cooookieeeeees!!!! Blablablabla*all disscuing firestar’s hate of waffles*GAAAH! I’m surrounded by idiots!!

    Random quotes of the day

  12. i know tonto in espanol – empathy brother billy:)

    fun baseball fact – the ny yankees have had many colorful owners prior to the steinbrenner era

  13. le blue – i meant to respond last week – but the updates are wonderful – i don’t know how in the world i could teach propaganda personally – b/c i’d want to get into the propaganda that’s basically everywhere – probably 90 percent or higher of adults are selling something – of course, in our class, it’s drugs:)

    did you listen to the podcasts on comedy of errors? that’s been my creative work the last couple of weeks – writing those

  14. “The best part about BOB is that you get out of school to press buttons and interrupt teachers. What’s a better school day than that?”

  15. Im reading a book I’ve never heard of called conspiracy 365 and so far in the first few pages of the book it’s talking about a kid or teen and his uncle rafe and his little sister all going out on a boat and then the kid spots a storm ahead and warns his uncle about it coming over them at any moment. The uncle ignores him and then tries to crank it a little while later and the engines flooded and they can see huge waves and all the sudden a massive 30 foot wave towers above them and flips the boat. The kid is flung into the water but something is defected with his life vest and instead of pulling him to the surface its weighting him down. He Unstraps it and swims to the surface. He gets on the boat and then sharks come and he can see a helicopter and right when a shark lunges at him the rescuers sweep him up.

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