when the traffic on sunday morning makes you run 12 more miles…

so i’m staying good in my reading of all things baseball right now – i have like a stack to get me ready for spring training…

“baptists in america” – two profs look at the development of that denomination throughout time – the orphan in the box gave it two thumbs up:) i would agree too – lots of religious history i’d forgotten – was reminded of – of course, the stain of slavery and the civil rights movement looks bad in just about every faith – as far as their response at the time – which is a decent reminder about power – that those with power tend to make dumb moves they’ll regret down the line – at the least, they’ll be questioned in latter generations about what they did during their time in reign – and what they allowed to happen – or what they fought

other than that, just working on big baseball books and podcasts


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  1. For the first time in… Oh wait i got first in county. Not sure if i’ve said this, but CONGRATS To WASPMAN for being top scorer for 6th grade.

  2. Monday- “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


    This quote goes back to Greek mythology when it was said that People were made with 4 arms 4 legs and one half male the other female until something happened and one of the gods ordered them to be split in half. This explains why we feel empty inside until we find or significant other because were whole again there’s nothing missing. Early Greek myths were the basis for this quote.

    Tuesday- “A friend to all is a friend to none.


    You want be friends with everyone. A friendship is something that takes time to build and it spiritual and dedicated you can’t be loyal and devoted to everyone its impossible so if your friends with everyone then in reality you friends with no one. A person who is “friends” with everyone they have no real ideas or thoughts for themselves they will agree to all of your ideas and go with the flow until another person comes along then they will go with there ideas and forget about yours.

    Wednesday-“There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.


    Think about it you can try new things or advanced in anything if you dont take chances. People who are a little bit crazy are more creative if people like Newton, Einstein, etc. If they hadn’t been a little bit crazy they wouldn’t have discovered the things they did or invented the things they did. They see the world differently from us they view things in different perspectives. If they hadn’t have been a little crazy maybe the world would be different today.

    Thursday- “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


    The truth reveals its self and its hard to keep hidden. When you can’t see the sun maybe the clouds are hiding it a ways or if its stormy even thought you can’t see it you know its still there. If the moon is disappearing into the night sky you may not be able to see it but its still there. If you cover the truth up with lies, rumors, etc. it will find its way to the top and it will shine as bright as it can you can’t hid the truth no madder how hard you try.

    Sorry it took me so long I was waiting until you made the new podcast thingy for this week.

  3. in the lost hero Jason lightnings the campfire. He flips his coin into a spear and summons lightning on the camp fire. he does this to prove hes the son of zues. piper is claimed by Aphrodite and is magically put in a dress and doesn’t even realize it until every one is starring at her. leo is going into the woods to find the giant bronze dragon to use as a mode of transportation and is flashing back on his chilhood moments.

  4. β€œIf your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
    John Quincy Adams
    I think there is more to being a leader than just taking charge. Being a leader means you inspire others to be like you and do the things you do just because yo’re that great of a person that you make people want to live their live like you do because they see like your life is so good. Being a leader is good for you and for others.

    β€œA leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
    John C. Maxwell
    A lot of times in dance our teacher chooses a person to show the others a move, and we all know it doesn’t mean that one person is better, it just means that they know how to do it. Being able to do something and then show others how to do it is good leadership. You need to be able to take charge when needed and lead others to where they need to be.

    β€œLove is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Love is a powerful thing, it brings people together and brings up the weary. Love is the only things that keeps the universe together. Love is what makes your friends your friends. Love is something that makes people happy and joyful.

    β€œOne of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.”
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    A good friendship is when you understand each other and talk to each other about personal things.

  5. 4:28-“Book of Mordred:Kiera”;Line:”Nimue says so too.”
    Commentary: Woah! Nimue is talking to mordred! i have lots of questions on this. nimue is dead. kiera comes to warn mordred that since all of his brothers have died like kiera saw them die; mordred was next. Nimue had already told mordred! she is dead! how is that possible?! me think nimue has somehow possessed the ring like merlin. but merlin is inside the ring so how is that possible? Me are so confused.

    WaspMan Out

  6. Monday – ” You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”


    There are many things in life that can give a rise to anger. When you look at it people do stupid things when they are angry. When people are angry the emotion is so strong that it clouds are thinking and are judge ment making skills. Things get out of hand maybe you over react and later when your cooled down you realize what you have it may not be horrible but you’ve still messed up . When we angry are bodies our so focused on that object of our anger that it blocks all of our other sense out like common sense. When your angry it doesn’t feel good I don’t know how to describe but you get a bunch or adrenaline at first but then once it passes you feel ” rundown” and stuff like that. You won’t be punished for being mad its an emotion everyone is going to get mad but you will be punished for what you do while your angry and the feeling you get when your angry which isn’t pleasant.

  7. Oooohhhh waffle time waffle time do you want a waffle of mine? I’ve already told you greystripe, I DONT KNOW WHAT A WAFFLE IS!!!! Firestar doesn’t like waffles! Firestar dosent like waffles? Firestar dosent like cooookieeeeees!!!! Blablablabla*all disscuing firestar’s hate of waffles*GAAAH! I’m surrounded by idiots!!

    Random quotes of the day

  8. who replaced me today? were they better than i would have been? someone from 5th period tell me!

  9. Leo is flashing back on that woman who appeared in his mom’s machine shop and was wearing a dirt shawl. the woman came closer to leo and shifted through a table and reformed on the other side (kinda creepy).
    so Leo burns down the whole place on accident with his fire powers. leo is now back to normal time and is going into the woods to find a giant bronze dragon. Leo uses his fire magic stuff to light the way and immediately feels guilty because of his accident. hes walking when he notices a trap for the giant metal dragon. and manages to let a giant metal dragon sneak up on him

  10. “Book of Mordred:Kiera”;Line:”Did you know that Merlin tried to have me killed?”
    Commentary:Merlin, arthur’s mentor, tried to have mordred,arthur’s son, killed. What makes less sense than that is that arthur fell for it and apparently tried to kill mordred. Past all that, this line is important due to the fact that it is explaining to kiera (eventually) that mordred doesnt trust nimue. Another thing that is really odd is that mordred’s eyes are now grey. in kiera’s visions the orkney brothers’ eyes are all grey right before they die. Mordred is going to die.

    WaspMan Out

  11. March
    (Cal was walking through the CVC with Jennifer)
    “Your dad was my favorite patient… every one that helped him loved it..” she said. “He would always draw those things and the girl before me liked him too but he got mad at her because she did not interpret his drawings very well. Then I walked in and I looked at it and said that I would give them to you. (Them- the drawings)”
    That is all! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. Line- them and there matching bunnies!

    Commentary- these really popular rich girls who make fun of Lindsey because of her American accent have matching purses that they carry there bunnies in and they drop them off at a pet store daycare and everyday Lindsey goes and cuddles with them. Her life is ruined when she finds out she has to room with the bunny girls! For the first semester of college!

  13. Here is my poem or sonnet I think I might send in for the literature magazine

    The Stars

    They return in a Happy Plight
    While I am at a rest
    They shine so beautifully at night
    As though I do feel oppressed
    Because the stars above me reign
    At night I stare and they stare back at me
    Though sometimes I complain
    How far I sit, how far I am from thee
    They gleem so beautifully bright
    They are the lights from heaven
    They burst the sky up at night
    There is no number odd, many or even
    I know that if they stay longer
    It always makes me stronger

  14. March
    “You don’t know what Slingo and his men are capable of… They will find you(and they will kill you.. πŸ™‚ but the funny thing is that they probably will find him and kill him! πŸ™‚ ) soon and they wont be nice when they do…” Winter said, breaking the silence. She started walking closer and, “What,. You mean YOUR slingo?!” bogus said. “He is Not MY slingo!!!” Winter snapped. “Well you hang out with him a lot.” Bogus said. Winter walked into the house and grabbed Cal’s back pack, “Hey! Put that back! I need that!” yelled Cal. “No! You need to realize that slingo will find out where you are!” yelled Winter, back at Cal. Then they heard LOUD pounding on the back door and as soon as Bogus and Cal even started to move, Winter had already slipped out the back door.
    That is all for today! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. First round loss, 2 OT and bad officiating. I think the 1st grade division refs in city league could have called it better. On the bright side, helena got crushed 95-63 by talladega, so that makes me feel better. Oh yeah, and in drama i might do lights and sound, that should be interesting…

  16. Why do i have 2 people saying down with waspMan? i’m a generally nice guy. All i want to do is take control of countries that have nothing to do with you guys. Why do you hate on me?

  17. Maybe unknown has his/her own country and feels me as a threat. Maybe unkown is quentin. I,as the leader of the tacopire, hereby declare war on unknown

  18. “book of Mordred:Kiera”;Creative: Morgana predictions
    1.mordred brought her to camp so that arthur will weaken himself because she is his enemy
    2.she came to help mordred because she also wants to destroy arthur
    3.she came to help because it is just a nice thing for an aunt to do<- not likely
    4.she is going to put a powerful spell on mordred that makes arthur unable to kill him like kiera prophecized

    Dont forget tomorrow is prediction day

    WaspMan Out

  19. March
    Then Cal was about to slip out the back and he turned around to see if Bogus WAS behind him. But he wasn’t the cop had got him! Then before Cal could think about what to do (to leave and hope Bogus would not be in trouble) (or, To stay and get them both arrested and blow his cover…) the cop stanched him up! And the cop looked at Bogus and said, “I am going to need some ID here!” “Yes sir!” Bogus said quickly getting his library card out of his pocket. Then the cop turned his attention to Cal and said, “What about you?!! You got some SORT of ID?!” Calk got worried until Bogus gave him a look, a look that said I wil SAVE you! Then before the cop got really mad at Cal Bogus took off running and that loosened his grip on Cal and Cal took a trank out of the cops pocket and trank him!! Then they grabbed his bag and Ran!!
    That is all! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. the whole campfire idea freaked piper out.

    piper is supposed to be claimed by her godly parent at the camp fire. Leo had a flaming hammer over his head and piper feared shed be embarrassed by a flaming wombat floating above her head. theirs rick riordan for ya

    leo didn’t stick around after piper turned buitiful.

    leo has to find the giant bronze dragon in the woods for the quest so he left when everybody was distracted.

  21. Have fun fighting dead baseball players, deformed chickens, and analog clocks with out hands. Plus my allies with waffles and dinosaurs and ninjas. Bring it on tapicore and your4member army.

  22. Fantasy League by Mike Lupica

    “Talk to you after the Super Bowl in February,” she’d said, and left.

    This is Charlie’s mom talking. It’s the start of the new NFL season and Charlie, being the Fantasy Wiz he was was watching to see who he would pick in his draft. His mom knows that from now until the season is over Charlie will be focused on football.

    Charlie Gaines knew real games the way his friends knew video games.

    Charlie knew everything about football. It was the reason he was a fantasy wiz. He watched football as much as kid’s play video games.

  23. okay here’s a creative haiku

    Go love what you do
    Never think twice about it
    There’s only one chance.

  24. So I have been on IMovie for like an hour now and have made three trailers one called devil cat another called brooks and another called the try anyway…

    Brooks has his own I movie slogan it’s Brooks is his name tone is his game
    Anyway just saying I have found that trailers are easier to work with so yeah
    This is short cause I only read a few pages
    Line- that was almost as bad as the cheesy jokes my mom makes
    Comment- kaleb makes these really cheesy jokes like well that was as smooth as butter Hahahaha and everyone worships him for them sounds like something I would say #smoothbutter

  25. Journals


    Hey I’m miles


    I am reading looking for Alaska and this kid named miles is in his dorm and one of his roommates come in. He meets him and asked where his family was and he said my mom is leaving now and my dad is probably working someplace at sometime but who knows!


    What’s your talent?


    I chose this line because miles roommate asked what his talent was and then miles didn’t know what he was talking about and then his roommate he said like my talent is reading maps!


    County literally magazine

    I was at my locker and I had pictures of my mom who had previously died of colon cancer. It had only been about 3 weeks since she had died and I still had to go to school even though I was still really sad.

    Some people in my grade came up to me and got one of the pictures out of my locker and I was thinking that they were going to look at it and then put it back up but you know what they did?, they ripped it in half and I grabbed it and ran into the bathroom.

    I was really sad and I started crying a lot. One of my classmates came looking for me but I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t and I told her to go back and tell the teacher that I was going to the councilor about what had happened.

    I told her and she called all of them that did that and they got in trouble but the next day they got another one and ripped in in about 20 prices to where I couldn’t fix that picture because the other one I glued back together but this time it was to many prices and they threw it in the trash right in front of me!

    I told the principle that it had happened again and she put them in after school suspension but they wrote a mean note to me and I didn’t know why they even did that to me anyway, like any of it!

    Finally that was enough I told my family and they said have you been treating people the way you would like to be treated and I said yes and so the next day I tried to be friends with them.

    They all let me be friends and when I asked them why they did that they told me because they thought I didn’t like them but I did and then we were all friends but treat people the others we want to be treated.

    Is this a good one for the county literary magazine?

  26. the woods weren’t like any place he’d been before.

    Leo has ventured into the woods looking for the dragon so they can have a suitable ride for their quest to free H
    ara and stop the giants. the woods around camp half-blood are also full of monsters and traps for the dragon.

    piper woke up and immediately grabbed a mirror.

    piper was transformed at the camp fire and has the blessing of aphrodiate and was made to look beautiful.

  27. Im reading soldier x which is from mrs Boyd’s classroom and I rate it as a good book and am currently through with it as of today. I strongly reccomend it as I do most books I read simply because of the content which is mainly war based which is interesting to me. It’s about a 16 year old boy who lives in Germany and decides to fight for the nazis to save his family from being found out about their Russian ethnicity, which was who they were at war with. He joined and was a translator because he could speak fluent Russian. While he was fighting a Russian tank drove over his trench and hit him in the head and when he woke up he was under it and the Russians had overtaken so to avoid being killed he had to swap clothes with a dead Russian boy next to him and go to the Russians for help and since he speaks Russian, he pulled it off.

  28. Line- she thought I was supposed to be in the nut house

    Commentary-Kelli thought her friend was completely crazy because she said to avoid getting embar reservist hide in our lockers and then wait til the 24th bell rings but then again that’s not that bad of a thought! Oh no Kelli was being persuaded to do something wrong but then again she never does anything bad so ehhh… She’ll try it

  29. okay since i didn’t get much reading in this week, here’s a creative poem.


    when you have no where to look
    you just have to Trust
    you have to Trust
    that it will work out
    you have to Trust that
    you are prepared for the road ahead
    you have to Trust
    that it will work out in the end
    you have to Trust
    that your Trust
    will not fail.

  30. “Found”;Creative:Prediction Day V (i’m gonna start counting then in roman numerals) …May the predictions ever be in your favor
    i predict that the missing are kids that were kidnapped and the government needs them to find the kidnapper
    i predict that the missing have something to do with the strange plane
    i predict that all of the missing band together for some reason or another

    Don’t forget thursday might be prediction day

    WaspMan Out

  31. Fantasy League-Mike Lupica

    LA was happy that pro football came back to their city. But they were as popular heading into another season as traffic.

    La was pumped about having footbal back but the team was horrible. They were really bad. They were in a rebuilding stage. They need a big break.

  32. This week has been interesting. It has been quite different than a normal week at the lovely and wonderful Columbiana Middle School. πŸ™‚ One of the pros was having our first Theatre practice on Tuesday. One of the cons was missing the prompt in Advisory due to the sicklies. Another con was the disappointing baby lasagna in the cafeteria on Wednesday. πŸ™‚ Overall, however, it was an okay week.

    Here’s a creative to satisfy your lack of dark and twisted Fred literature πŸ™‚

    It is a wonder, I would say,
    to feel the
    bitter greeting of the water
    as I fall down into the well,
    the stone walls enclosing me
    in its despicable grasp.
    At first, Death threatens
    to cross the threshold,
    but then the water lessens its attack,
    and suddenly everything becomes numb.
    An endless drone of nothingness,
    buzzing throughout the small space.
    The isolation should be nerve-racking.
    But the only bother is the constant lingering
    of the final request, teasing me
    to accept, but never pushing when I refuse.
    Just waiting. For the perfect moment,
    which will never come.

    Happy Long Weekend,

  33. Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.(Alaxander graham bell)
    If you want to be successful in life, then you need to have all your things to begin with.
    The nation that secures control of the air will ultimately control the world.
    (Alexander garham bell)
    If you can take over the air them you can stop a lot of travel and trade,making you the rulers of the world
    I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.(Alexander the great)
    If a strong army is ruled by a weak person,then that army will not fight with everything they got.if the army is led by a strong person then they will fight with everything they got.
    When I lost my rifle, the Army charged me 85 dollars. That is why in the Navy the Captain goes down with the ship.(Dick Gregory)
    If losing you weapon in war costs that much,then the navy captain is better off going down than trying to pay it.

  34. Tuesday- ” Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.”
    And Wednesday ( I went back and showed this qoute from a different point of view)
    William Shakespeare

    This qoute which is from Romeo and Juliet has two meanings that I saw.
    One being we’re the smoke which if gets into some ones eyes can be pain full even make them cry like love for an example when you get to close to the bond fire and the smoke gets in your eyes. So despite love being beautiful it’s can also cause pain and suffering on a person.
    The other meaning that I saw was where there is smoke there is fire and something about fire in somebody eyes which is like passion I’m guessing but smoke needs to be feed so love is only something secondary but if you look deeper there’s something else there’s a fire burning which
    Makes you push yourself work and live or suffer.

  35. Thursday- ” The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”

    Stephen Hawking

    This quote and something to do with quantum theory (the basis of modern physics that explains the behavior of matter And energy
    On the Atomic and subatomic level.

    So you can’t look at home thing and ignore another. The future is indefinite so you dont know how long and it Exits not planned out but hundreds of thousands of possibilities that are waiting for you.

    I might have messed this up im not learning physics yet so… Sorry if I did

  36. March
    Cal went over to Repo’s “House” soon after he and Bogus escaped, And then he banged on the door. He knew he was in there but he was not answering! “Repo!!! It is me! Cal,” “Why should I trust you! Also how do I no it is even you…?” There was a long silence while Cal was trying to think of something to say… “I have MONEY!” he said with an unsure voice. Then he could here Repo kind of rushing to the door. Then It opend with Repo looking the same as when Cal left him. “thanks” Cal said looking harshly at Bogus. “WELL how was I supposed to no it was you!!… Hey I’m sorry man.
    That is all.

  37. Silly Waspman, your hashtags won’t work here. You say I’m an annoying character, but at least I’m an actual character.

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