dave k, finisher of the half-marathon, is honorary first for the week…

super proud that dave was four minutes ahead of me in the race today

“encountering truth” – by Pope Francis – as i understand it, he “preaches” three days a week – this was a collection from his first year – little reflections tied to passages – the title was a good one for the book – what do we do when we encounter truth? ignore it? dismiss it? accept it, and if so, how?

“slaying the dragon” by michael johnson – the only, i think, winner of olympic gold in the 200 and 400 meter races – in atlanta – it was a typical book from a jock trying to cash in on success at his peak moment – usain bolt has a book like this – michael phelps has a book like this – i still enjoyed it – it was still well worth the dollar at the thrift store – just a good piece from the 1996 games – and the mindset of an athlete – which is a mindset different from most of us

“billy martin” – martin was the yankees manager five times – and he was fired five times – the author makes a point early in the book to say that billy was more than the comical image he was in the 1980s – which was when i knew him following baseball – it is truly remarkable the jobs he did with the twins, rangers, A’s, and the yankees – so while the book was lengthy, a definite recommendation to my baseball crowd

nap time