Twas the week before Space Camp…

“Female of the Species” – very strange YA book – very strange – not every day you get to identify with a killer:)

“A Way With Words” – good reminder that what we say online is important – meaningful – and we are held accountable

“Luke Skywalker Adventure: Weapon of a Jedi” – book I won from Ms. Blount – enjoyed it

“Schoolhouse Burning” – excellent book about how we’re not funding public schools to the degree we should

“Kind of a Big Deal” – really funny YA on a kid who “peaked” in high school and her struggles afterwards – references to musicals!!!

“Mighty Justice” – for young readers – probably high school/upper middle school – excellent book

“Exercised” – Harvard researcher on the conflicts between our bodies really always wanting to lounge around but having been designed for activity – great book

Start of Summer 2020…

“Be All In” wonderful new book by a former USWNT player – wrote 3 pages of notes on all I learned from the book

“Pastport: Alabama” – breezy guide to all 67 counties in the state for the bicentennial – it was interesting

“Furyborn” – funny in all the wrong ways:) definitely not a YA book if the Y means young:)

“This is Shakespeare” – good overview of 20 of his plays – the chapters on the ones I cover were interesting

“The Outside Circle” – graphic novel about a program for Native Americans in Canada – good

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” – Hunger Games prequel – good – lived up to the hype – feel like there could be more of these books coming

“The Football Girl” – book prize winner – meh

“Some Tellable Tales of Shelby County” – Judge Head’s recollection of Columbiana – enjoyable read

“Forever Terry” – great book on a great person – still remembered well in Canada 40 years later – really enjoyed this one

“The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost Kiss” – cute YA – good math jokes in there – good description of math/sci gifted characters

“Go Set a Watchman” – took me long enough to read, I guess – really hadn’t missed anything though in my opinion