The masked reader…

“The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell” – wonderful book on a forgotten baseball player – amazingly, he was in the Hall of Fame 20 years before his own state of Mississippi got around to honoring him

“Becoming a Teacher” – not my book – at all – disappointed with it – could’ve been so much more

“Football’s Fearless Activists” – didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know from Howard Bryant’s book

“Culturize” – read b/c of a friend – it’s from that “positive mindset is everything” shelf – which is a nice thought, but there are also analytical ways to attack problems

“Homesteading Space” – wonderful book on Skylab – came from Space Camp – our speaker – great, great book – David Hitt is the author

“Waiting for Fitz” – library book I won – not great

“Ickabog” – JK Rowling’s latest – cute – took a while to get into – and I needed to know it came from stories she told her own children – after that, I could get into it

“His Truth is Marching On” – great book – John Lewis – really enjoyed that book and reminded me to keep fighting