resurrecting my youtube career…

“a great reckoning” – louise penny novel – had a friend recommend the series – i can’t do series, but i can do a book – and it was good – surprisingly good – even gave me the ability to write a satire with it too – so yeah!

“star wars from a certain point of view” – great book – enjoyed the stories – what does everyone say about an anthology? that it’s too uneven – this one had chapters i did love over others – the sith of datawork was wonderful – as was the final story – but it was all pretty entertaining:)

“rabbit and robot” – creative YA – not really YA though – the review i read said it was R-rated YA – so yeah, that’s not really YA – but it was creative and i did enjoy it

“the room where it happened” – another one i started out not really liking and came around too – and it was funny – ironically so – that John Bolton so craved power that he became a Trump aide – only to see Trump endorse so many positions Bolton didn’t believe in – so the lesson here kids is that power isn’t everything:)

“out of left field” – great book from the author of green glass sea – another favorite – this was a book related to it – and in time for baseball season:)