I have some catching up to do…

“The Book Thief” – fabulous book – don’t know why I didn’t read it earlier – just wonderful – and a great example of how every YA doesn’t have to be a love story – there are more important issues in life…

“Cod” – the legacy of the previous 8th grade ELA reg ed teacher – she ordered a ton of books that stayed shelved for years – this one was one of them – not great, even if you love fishing (and if you love fishing, you’re probably not reading a long biography about a fish…)

“My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich” – I wanted to like this book – the narrator wanted to go to space camp in Huntsville – but she was not likable and the book wasn’t either

The Promise of Change – great book about the integration of TN schools in 1956 – written in free verse – outstanding

“Bringing Down a President” – Nixon and Watergate – for YA, outstanding – not sure how many kids will be into it though

“The Year We Fell From Space” – great book that tackles adolescent depression – and her conversations with a rock were amazing:)

“Dalko” – what do you do when your talent doesn’t come through? Outstanding baseball book – loved it – the inspiration for Bull Durham

“The Answer Is” – Alex Trebek’s book – really well done – sad, of course – but well done and enjoyed it – hoping for the best for him

“A Free Man of Color” – when your friend’s mom gives you a book, you read the book

“Chase Your Dreams” – great book by a current soccer star, Julie Ertz – used a bit of the coachable part in class

“Parenting with Words of Grace” – great book for teachers – and for parents:) reminded me that what we say reflects what we believe about God

“42 Today” – great book about Jackie Robinson – I have read so many things about him – and could read so many more b/c there’s so much about his life that is fascinating

“Rise of Skywalker” – waited for a long time to get this book – disappointed, like the movie…

“Home is Where the Heart Is” – New book I raided from our library from Ms. Blount – not a fan:)

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