the books just keep on comin…

“Gone to the Woods” – by the author of Hatchet – wonderful book – his story of the start of his life – and it was compelling

“The Other Half of Happy” – a Ms. Blount new CMS book – pretty good – about the challenges of being Hispanic in America – identity issues

“Passing the Baton” – Book on the significance of African-American women in track and field – beginning in 1948 – it was probably used for a doctoral thesis – so it was less narrative than repetitive analysis – but still was entertaining to me b/c of the running tie-in:)

“Rapture” – Coach of the Raptors – good read – made me think of Coach Mac – I think he’d enjoy the book

“The Big Three” – yes, it was a basketball week – this book was on the Celtics – their Big Three from 2008 – wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped – I’d heard most of the stories

“Bluebird, Bluebird” – when your friend’s mom in Tennessee says to read a book, you read a book

“The Great Pauline Fink” – absolutely loved this book – YA – clever, funny – if you grow up in a rural area, you’d like it too:)

“The Tyranny of Merit” – great read by a Harvard prof on problems in the Ivys – and problems with the Ivys are problems gifted kids have too – so I got a lot out of the book

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