Happy Pumpkin season!!!

“Too Much and Never Enough” – good book – obviously, your political views will influence how you perceive it – but it did a decent job explaining Trump – at least, I thought

“Bebes and the Bear” – great book at the local library on Texas A&M and Alabama’s bowl game in 1968 – enjoyable read

“Rod Carew: One Tough Out” – wow, what this guy has lived through – losing his daughter to cancer – enduring his own cancer woes – so much more than just his incredible baseball career

“The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip” – cute book – allegory

“National Team” – saved this book for a while – well worth it – really enjoyed it – I grew up cheering those teams – so a wonderful read

“Phantom Tollbooth” – had to reread it when I realized I was short of books for the second quarter for sixth grade – I still think it’s not a great middle school book but it had to do this year

“Class Act” – wonderful graphic novel – companion book by Jerry Craft – thanks to Ms. Blount for going ahead and getting it – made my weekend:)

“Glory Days” – 1984 summer – great read – lots happened during that Olympic year

“Out of Thin Air” – book on Ethiopian running – was okay

“A Cup of Comfort for Teachers” – had a parent give me the book her mother had years ago – that in itself was enough – but it was also an encouraging read

“The Runner’s Kitchen” – wonderful book – lots of recommendable recipes

“Redeeming Power” – wonderful, convicting book about how abuses of power occur and how they can be righted – or fought

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