Happy Turkey Day 2020

“Shake and Bake” – basketball book – biography of a player in the 1970s – filler, but okay

“Kids on the March” – good YA on marches that have been influential in the past 130 years – some I knew about, some I didn’t

“Down Along With That Devil’s Bones” – great book – didn’t know much about the topic, but well-written – and good frame for recent events

“The Magic Misfits: The Minor Chord” – NPH book – loved it!

“The Magic Misfits: The Fourth Suit” – final book – read both – good series – still can’t do the magic, but enjoyed it:)

“Dimestore” – given by a friend – good – well written

“From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back” – didn’t have as much fun with this one as I had with the first book – the ending chapter about the crawl is always worth it – but 570 pages, a bit much:)

“Where the Light Enters” – Jill Biden’s book – the part on education was wonderful – why she teaches – why she kept teaching as Second Lady – and I understood why she enjoyed community college – those students overcome so much to be where they are

“Creating Kind and Empathetic Kids” – disappointing book – elementary driven – and not very challenging

“Think Like a Lawyer” – great book for teachers – how to introduce critical thinking skills in the classroom – good ideas I plan to use in the classroom

“Rage” – good book – read it the week of the election – I think I was the only one still trying to gain information on Trump at that point:) Very well done – Kushner’s take on how to understand Trump, the part with starting with Alice in Wonderland, was, well, odd…

“The Knowledge Gap” – friend from Tennessee leant it – didn’t agree with the premise, but still gained a lot from it

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