Dashing through the books…

“One Life” – Megan Rapinoe biography – great book – surprisingly good – she’s very well versed in what she believes – passed the book along to my mom when I was done

“No Time Like the Future” – Michael J. Fox – another book I shared with my mom – another good one – Fox has battled a lot in the past few years – and the book sort of explored keeping faith in difficult times

“Averting Catastrophe” – Cass Sunstein – great read – insightful – basically, how much do we as a government plan for eventualities that might be “worst case” scenario? the book looked into that (lot of it went over my head:)

“Night” – Wiesel – eighth grade third nine weeks book – a reread – I was struck this time about the relationship between fathers and sons – I can’t fathom having to lose my dad the way Wiesel did

“Hiroshima” – another great book – I thought it explored incredibly well the issue of “the bomb” – and when you think of the moral compromises people have made already in this pandemic, it makes understanding the bomb – after a long four year war – more understandable

“Is this anything?” Seinfeld – another mom and son book share – enjoyed it – actually remembered some of the bits from his show – which I haven’t seen in 25 years

“Tru and Nelle” – G. Neri – I like the Christmas Tale a lot better – but this one was okay – I don’t know that I would’ve read the second one if I’d read the first first – so I’m glad I didn’t:)

“The Dead Are Arising” – Les Payne and his daughter – quite a lot to learn on the life of Malcolm X – surprisingly, his life wasn’t covered a lot at my private Christian school:) the circles I have always been around criticized his “hate” – but the man was literally in utero when white supremacists threatened his mother and burned their house down – so what do you expect?

“Hidden Figures” – the YA edition – enjoyable – will be left at school for others to read

“A Promised Land” – another mom-son book combo – Obama’s book was good – you can’t dismiss his intelligence – he’s a good writer – insightful – and the book had some funny moments

“Lights, Camera, Fastball” – story of the Hollywood Stars – 1930s and 40s minor league baseball team – enjoyable read

“The Art of Inventing Hope” – Conversations with Elie Wiesel – good book – will be able to use material in it with my eighth grade – most importantly, the idea of being a witness to history – and passing that along in a world now that invents truths

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