Twas the week before spring break…

“Running Smart” – good book – about the science behind running – what’s myth, what’s workable

“A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor” – Hank Green – it’s actually Book 2 of 2 but I read it solo just fine – and really enjoyed it – had robbed it from a librarian’s “best” list – you can’t go wrong there

“Dear Martin” – same thing, robbed from a librarian’s list – it was good – first 100 pages, wasn’t that sure – but the second half made up for the first half

“Winners Take All” – great book on economic inequality – the problems with capitalism – very insightful and highly recommendable

“The Pattern Seekers” – book on how systemizers helped develop civilization – and so the “problems” that show up in autism are actually just examples of our neurodiversity – the author did a good job balancing the benefits while acknowledging that autism certainly doesn’t mean you’re smart in something though – and that there can be problems there

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