Summer 2021

Empire of the Air by Lewis – good book – re-issued from 20 years ago – about the early history of radio

“The Future of Us” – a re-read – enjoyed it yet again – very clever book for YA

“Aftermath” by Isler – tough read for a YA audience – good, but a tough read

“The Way of the Father” by Michael W. Smith – really enjoyed this one – and gave me something to talk to my sister about

“Let them Lead” by John U. Bacon – disappointing book about his time as hockey coach – so glad he did everything right (eye roll)

“Dusk Night Dawn” by Lamott – went out of my comfort zone for this one – I’m ready to be back in my comfort zone:)

“Breath” by Nestor – good book – plenty to think about in terms of running – tried to share some of the advice with my students – not sure they listened:)

“Make the Right Call” by Mark Richt – excellent book – enjoyed it – and my cameo in his life at the 2012 SEC Championship game

“Undaunted” by Jackie Speier – great book – really amazing life she’s led – and a very courageous life