last bit of july fun…

“The Mysterious Benedict Society” and “The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey” – I read both years and years ago – when they first came out – the first book was still vaguely familiar when I started the Disney series – the second book, I only remembered parts of the ending – but both have been enjoyable reads and I am enjoying the TV series:)

“The New Meaning of Educational Change” – when you love someone, you read the books they are reading for professional development:) in this case, the book was actually pretty good – albeit, the discussion I had wanted to have had to wait five months for the book to arrive on interlibrary loan:)

“The Anthropocene Reviewed” by John Green – good book – I like Green even better when he’s writing non-fiction – b/c I love non-fiction – so this one was really good

“1% Better” – disappointing…

“The Master” by Clarey – book on Roger Federer – really enjoyed this book – was not a traditional biography but covered all of Federer’s major wins – and defeats

“Giannis” – by Fader – really enjoyed this one – his story is unbelievable – where he started – where he is now – NBA champion – I actually ordered a jersey after finishing the book – I’m a fan:)

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