so the start of school has been busy…

“Chasing History” by Carl Bernstein – really good – as a person who grew up loving newspapers – really enjoyed it

“Benedict Society and Prisoner’s Dilemma” by Stewart – the third book – I believe – so this picked me up from where I left off 10 years ago – enjoyed it

“The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict” – really enjoyed this one – thought it was a good contrast to the Hunger Games prequel

“Mysterious Benedict Society and Riddle of Ages” – this was the latest book – little different from the previous ones – it had been a while between books three and four

“The Jesus Music” – Marshall Terrill – enjoyed this book – there’s a movie coming out that the book is based off – growing up with this music, I enjoyed reading about it

“Gifted Guide to Depth and Complexity” – Byrd and Gehert – gifted book to read – enjoyed it – using this material in the classroom

“Letters to a Young Athlete” – Chris Bosh – great book – highly recommended – used a bit of it in class – wish I could get my students to read it

“Loserville” by Trutor – good book on the history of ATL in the 1960s through 1975 – a bit of a policy wonk book – but having visited Auntie and Uncle for years in ATL, this was a good one to read

“All In” Billie Jean King – very much enjoyed this one – lots of takeaways – from what King did in the 1970s to what she fights for today – very interesting read

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