All I want for Christmas is BOOK!!! (and super-fast shoes:)

“The Big Bang Theory” by Radloff – good oral history of the CBS show – really enjoyed it

“Who’s Counting?” Much more political than I would’ve thought – disappointing

“Head On” Larry Csonka – talked to dad about this one – he was about the same age as the players on the ’72 Dolphins – they got the glory – but they paid an awful steep price with their health and often their lives to get it

“The Betrayal of Anne Frank” by Sullivan – was what I expected “Hey, here are the theories AND here’s the one we came up with so that we’d have a podcast – and guess what? it’s the right one!!!” very self-serving – but lots learned about Anne and the Franks

“Singled Out” by Maraniss – a “controversial” book – but when the opening chapter is of a man dying with AIDS, I am disturbed that people would object – you can’t read it and not feel empathy – at least, I don’t think so…

“Bowerman” by Moore – a reread – as I’m now a coach, was a bit more relevant to me – good book

“Born to Run 2” by McDougall – not the original – but I did steal some drills for practice, so I must give props

Joe Madden and Tom Verraducci – was more hot takes than insightful

“Don’t Hold Back” by Platt – challenging – and good to read from my old pastor

“Long Live the Pumpkin Queen – Ernshaw – took a bit to get through at the start, but well worth it – really enjoyed it

“Swing and a Hit” O’Neill – about hitting – really, all about hitting:)

“School Trip” by Craft – enjoyable – of course:)

“Poverty by America” by Desmond – really, really good book – why we let poverty happen – and yes, there’s a role we all play – I liked Desmond’s book on housing – this is just as good

“Make it Stick” by Brown – disappointing – although, I don’t remember it now:)

“Surrender” by Bono – wonderful book – really enjoyed it – and glad I bought it – gave it to mom – she enjoyed it too

“Straight Shooter” Stephen A. Smith – didn’t know much about him – I’m not a hot takes person – meh…

“Welcome to the Circus of Baseball” by McKee – comes out in April – outstanding – enjoyed it

“All the Colors Came Out” by Fagan – really, really, really a great book – on so many levels – I hate it was seen as “controversial” – can’t read it and not appreciate your dad a whole lot more…