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This week, we finished up our unit on apples! For fun we read 10 Apples up On Top, and then WE gave balancing apples on our heads a try! We aren’t quite sure how the characters were able to do 10, we had enough trouble with 1 and 2! We also learned about how to conduct a science experiment and making a hypothesis! We graphed our scientific guess on if we thought an Apple would sink or float when placed in water! Many of us were surprised by our findings! It was a fun way to wrap up the week and our unit!

In the genius lab this week, Mrs. Alaniz introduced the idea of coding through the use of fun little gadgets called Bee Bots! The kids loved this activity and did a great job!

Friday we also had our first school House meeting. Each class in the school is assigned to a house. The houses are made up of different ages so that students can build relationships with students in other classes and across grade levels. Throughout the year we will get together with classes from our house to deepen those relationships and also complete special activities and projects! This house system is just one thing that makes MLES so special!

We have had a great time learning about apples the past couple of weeks. We will finish up our study this week with Dr. Seuss' 10 Apples Up on Top, and a fun sink/float science experiment.

Last week, we had an apple tasting on Friday. We made homemade apple sauce and mini apple pies. We also tasted apple juice, apple jacks, and apple slices! We will graph our favorites today so stay tuned for the results! We have also learned all the parts to an apple and the apple life cycle! Enjoy some pictures below!

Apple Print Wreath

We had the best time during our Teddy Bear Picnic yesterday. After PE, we got back our room and our bears had mysteriously disappeared! Thank goodness they left us some clues! After chasing those silly bears all around the school and hearing what they had been up to from all our special area teachers and office staff, we found them outside enjoying a picnic! We assume they must have been listening when we read "The Teddy Bear's Picnic" that morning!

Mrs. Schwall's Class 2019-2020

We also had fun supporting our PTO's coin drive fundraiser by Dressing as Nerds for Nickles! Don't forget to send in Crazy Cash on Friday!

We had a wonderful week in Kindergarten! This class is so sweet, and already feels like a family. They look after each other, help each other, and play so well together! This is going to be a great year. I am enjoying my conversations with them and getting to know them so much! This week, we learned about our colors (red,orange,yellow, green and blue)
And we also began our nursery rhyme unit. Next week we will finish up both of these units! Also don’t forget to send in those coins each day for the coin drive! This is a great fundraiser for our school each year! I hope you enjoy a few pictures below from our first week!

First Day

Welcome to MLES! I am so excited to be your Kindergarten teacher this year!! I know that this year will be full of all new things, and I can't wait to meet you! It's going to be a great year! The blog will be updated soon with some fun pictures and new information!

About Mrs. Schwall:

My name is Jesse Schwall and this will be my 13th year of teaching! I absolutely love what I do and can truly say that teaching Kindergarten is my passion! My husband and I live in Chelsea, and have been married for ten years. We are blessed with two wonderful boys ages 8 and 6 one sweet girl who is 5 and we also have a sweet baby boy who is 1 year old. We are busy, and very blessed!! In addition to our children, we also have a dog, he is a German Short Hair Pointer named Scout. I am originally from Knoxville, TN but have been here in AL for a little over 12 years now!

Some of Mrs. Schwall's Favorite Things:
Drink: Coffee, Orange or Pineapple Strawberry LaCroix, Monster Energy Zero Ultra

Snack: Anything salty..... ONE Protein Bars (Birthday Cake, or Blueberry Cobbler) I also love Baby Bites from Pastry Arts.

Places to Eat:
Taco Mama, Ashley Macs, Chicken Salad Chik, Taziki's, Chik Fil A

Flower: Roses (pink), Gerber Daisies, anything pretty 🙂

Hobby: Taking pictures and spending time with my family

Stores: Francescas, Pants Store, Old Navy, Amazon, The Grand River Outlets