Merry Media Center Mice This Month




August is the month of the mouse! ¬†The preschool cuties and the students on the MD hall have spent their library time this month having merry fun with a mouse themed unit. ¬†We’ve begun each library session with the song, “Hickory Dickory Dock” and each child has had the chance to send our mouse prop running up our monstrous grandfather clock. ¬†We’ve also read several mouse themed stories including,¬†If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as well as¬†Alphabet Under Construction ¬†and¬†Lunch by Denise Fleming. ¬† The children have had the opportunity to complete several adorable crafts including making paper cookies, turning the letter M into a mouse, and “feeding” the mouse from our Denise Fleming stories.

This week, your little one should bring home a mouse with cutouts inside of a zip-lock baggie. ¬†These are the necessary props so that your kiddo can share with you the ¬†story that we are reading this week. ¬†I’ve included the words to the story so you can help if your child forgets something. ¬†Remember though that each child is different and the whole point of this is to have fun and connect school learning with home. ¬†If your little one isn’t ready for retelling the story, there are other great ways to use these props. ¬†You could always read the story (it’s included in the baggie) out loud and let your little one practice dropping the props in the mouse’s tummy at the right time. ¬†Or, if your little one requires additional help, you can help him by placing your hand over your child’s hand and guide them through the activity.

I hope you and your little one enjoy this fun activity!

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