Airplanes are Everywhere This Week!




I am SO EXCITED about library this week because we’re all playing with airplanes!

My Friend Rabbit is the book I’m reading to¬†my preschool and MD hall friends. ¬†It’s about two buddies, mouse and rabbit, who manage to get their toy airplane stuck in a tree. ¬†Luckily for them, rabbit always has a plan so he enlists the help of some other buddies to try to get the plane down. ¬†While we read, my Linda Nolen friends and I will be creating our own tree and identifying common animals as we stack them up to get to our own paper airplane. ¬†Our craft this week is to make a paper airplane that the kids can take home.

This week, my S.T.E.A.M. lab friends are also making paper airplanes. ¬†I’m challenging my buddies to create airplanes that will travel the farthest distance. ¬†With the help of the kind internet, we will determine which planes travel the farthest. ¬†Do I need a fancy paper airplane or will a simple one work just as well? ¬†Using teamwork, the kids are going to build three different airplanes with different levels of detail. ¬†Then, we’re going to launch our planes and measure how far they will travel. ¬†Each group will have a data sheet where they get to graph the distance. ¬†When we’re done, we should be able to analyze our data to see which planes travel the longest distance.

P is for planes and perseverance. ¬†My STAR hall kiddos are listening to the story, Rosie Revere, Engineer.¬† This is an awesome story about a little girl named Rosie who likes to make gadgets. ¬†Unfortunately, one day, her favorite uncle teases her about an invention and Rosie is so embarrassed that she decides to give up building completely. ¬†Thankfully, Rosie’s ¬†favorite great aunt comes to visit and convinces her to build a helicopter. ¬†Rosie’s first attempt fails but with the help of her aunt, Rosie learns to persevere¬†in spite of obstacles. ¬†The STAR hall kiddos are also being introduced to online dictionaries as tools for defining unfamiliar words and each class is getting the chance to define the word¬†persevere.


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