Fun With Color


Colors are the library theme for September and this week, my MD hall buddies and my preschool friends are working with a really wonderful¬†book called¬†Press Here by Herve Tullet. ¬†This is a unique book because it’s interactive. ¬†Each page asks the reader to complete a task¬†and the results of their actions are displayed on the next page. ¬†It’s a wonderful book for combining¬†primary colors and learning how to create secondary colors. ¬†It also covers meaty concepts like color patterns and cause and effect. ¬†I REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK!

My students are also participating in two activities this week.  First, we are creating dot art that is inspired by our reading.  Second, we are using food coloring and shaving cream to combine and mix primary colors.  Hopefully, by the end of this week, my friends will understand how to make green, orange, and purple.

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