More Color Fun



This week, my MD hall friends and my preschool kiddos are reading¬†Elmer by David McKee. ¬†This is a lovely book about a special elephant named Elmer who isn’t gray like the rest of his herd. ¬†Instead he is a beautiful patchwork of all the colors you can think of. ¬†Elmer doesn’t like being different until he finally realizes how important of a role he plays in the life of his herd. ¬†This is a great story for all kids looking to find their own place in the world!

This week, our craft is to make Elmer.  The kids have been given a paper elephant.  Their job is to spread liquid glue independently (if possible) or by using hand-over-hand assistance if necessary.  Then, we are taking a colorful confetti of paper and spreading it across our elephant.  The result is a beautiful patchwork elephant that looks just like Elmer from our story.

I haven’t really mentioned it before but we always start each lesson with a song. ¬†This month, we are doing¬†a color song to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” ¬†This week in particular, I’m starting to see interaction with our kiddos. ¬†They are clapping at the right time and some are even doing some of the motions and gestures that go along with the song!

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