Learning About the Native Americans


My Linda Nolen buddies and I had a really neat experience this morning!  We participated in a virtual field trip with several other schools across the state.  Without leaving the building, we traveled to the Museum of Alabama and got an up close tour of the First Alabamians exhibit.  Being able to participate in events like this makes me so happy that we have available and ready technology for our students to use and learn with.

Afterward, a few of my friends and I decided to check out the book, Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermott.  This is an adapted folktale from the pueblo and was also a Caldecott winner in 1975.  We also explored three new terms, pueblos, kivas, and folktales.

After reading the book, each child was given play-doh and toothpicks and was challenged to build their own pueblo.  My challenge was accepted and lots of building fun ensued!




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