If I Were President

This month, all of my Linda Nolen buddies are learning about the presidential election.  We’re kicking off the unit with the book, If I Were President by Catherine Stier.

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This is a wonderful book about a little girl who daydreams about what it would be like to be the president.  Along the way, the reader learns a little bit about the job of the president and also some major landmarks like the Capitol, the White House, and Mount Rushmore.

For our craft this week, my friends on the ID Hall and my preschool friends are learning to recognize the U.S. flag by making our own flag.


On the STAR hall, my younger friends are gaining some information literacy skills this month by researching facts about the candidates and the voting process.  This week though, we are just learning to recognize the candidates by their names and photos.

My older STAR hall friends are learning about opposing viewpoints.  This week, the kids are visiting the official website for each candidate and they are learning about each candidate’s platform for education.  Our goal is to create a persuasive poster for our candidate of choice that highlights their opinion about education.  These will be on display as soon as the kids finish!

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