Make It Monday!

Today, all across the state of Alabama, Library Media Specialists like myself celebrated our Makerspaces with Make It Monday!  Today, we had some really interesting projects that I think the kids really enjoyed.  In preparation for this awesome day, I borrowed some great art ideas from

Our first project was to make a bookmark in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Mr. Wright was an architect famous for his ability to combine nature and geometric design with his structures.  Our kiddos got the chance to look at a few of his homes including arguably his most famous called Falling Water.  We used Falling Water as our inspiration to create a bookmark that we can use with our library books.  We used natural colors and geometric designs to create our products.


Our second project was to create a lovely monochromatic piece of art.  To do this, we took our primary colors red, yellow, and blue and created either green, purple, or orange.  We experimented with different hues by adding different amounts of our primary colors.  We also experimented with tint and shade by adding white and black to our paint.  What we ended up with, was a beautiful piece of art for Mom and Dad.


For our preschoolers, I recycled my paint monsters from a previous lesson.  The kids were given red, yellow, and blue blobs of paint on a piece of cardstock.  They were given a straw and asked to blow the colors together to create a shape that would be our monster.  We used our knowledge of primary and secondary colors and really investigated what happened when our blobs mixed and we were quite surprised to discover that we could make green and purple.  We finished our monsters off with some googly eyes and some arms, legs, and feet.


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