November is For Numbers!

This month, our library theme is Math and Numbers!

My preschool and MD Hall friends have been busy, busy, busy with some counting fun!  This month, our lessons are beginning with the song, Five Little Speckled Frogs.  This has been fun but also a great way to introduce the concept of counting backwards from 5.  My friends seem to enjoy helping our frogs hop into the water.


We’ve also been introduced to a few fun counting books. ┬áWe began the month with the book Ten Black Dots. ┬áThis is a wonderful older book about all the things that can be made with a little imagination and some little black dots.


Our unit continued with a book called Six Sticks.  This was also a fun book about all the creative things two little mice could make with just six little Popsicle sticks.


This week, we are switching gears just a little bit and talking about money. ┬áOur book is Pigs Will Be Pigs. ┬áThis is a fun story about the Pig family who wants to eat dinner at their favorite restaurant, The Enchanted Enchilada. ┬áUnfortunately, Mama Pig didn’t make it to the bank and has no money to pay for the meal. ┬áThe Pig family tears up their house looking for spare change so they can enjoy their dinner at the restaurant.


This week, for our craft, we’ve been coloring piggy banks using some homemade puff paint. ┬áSince our pigs need to be pink, we’ve incorporated a little artsy know-how into our projects and the kids have been helping me create our pink by mixing white and red. We’ve had some pretty interesting results!


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