Thank You Donors Choose!

I am so excited to announce that in a few short weeks, we’ll have some new science, technology, and engineering items for our library S.T.E.A.M. lab and it’s all because of Donors Choose!  This is a website/organization that connects teachers with donors interested in supporting innovative school/classroom projects.

In just a few weeks, our kiddos will have the chance to program a Dash robot to spin, roll, throw a ball, and play the xylophone.   They’ll be able to play with snap circuits and participate in hands on learning about light, energy, circuitry, and even build an RC Rover.  They’ll get to apply what they know about energy and motion as they build structures with our new K’nex system.  AND, they’ll get to foster their sense of creativity and problem solving skills as they play with our new Osmo Genius kit and computer coding kit.

I can’t wait to see how the kids respond to these new hands on challenges!  Thank you Donors Choose!

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