We Jammin’ in Jamaica

booth 4

The students at Linda Nolen had quite a treat because we just finished Cultural Awareness Day! ¬†This year, our kids traveled¬†to France, Peru, Brazil, India, Jamaica, Australia, Greece, and good ole’ Canada.

I got to work with a team of wonderful teachers (Mrs. Calhoun, Ms. Egan, and Ms. Cole) to create a fabulous learning experience about Jamaica. ¬†Our students entered the country with a quick stamp on their passport and were greeted to the lovely rhythm of Bob Marley and the Wailers. ¬†Students were invited to learn more about our country by watching our interactive Powerpoint that included a fun video on¬†how to speak Patois. ¬†Ms. Calhoun’s class did a wonderful job researching and creating this presentation.

No vacation is complete without sampling the local fare so the kids each got to try Jamaican Grater Cake and a delicious Hibiscus drink.  Yum!

grater cake


Once our bellies were full, we took a quick trip to the beach where we had our photos made at the photo booth.


booth 1

booth 2

booth 3

Then, after a last stamp on their passports, the kids loaded the plane and headed for their next destination.  This was a great day!

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