Storytime Kickoff!

My friends on the ID hall are starting the year with a very special storytime read aloud.  Mr. Brad, one of my co-workers, brought me a great book that I’m reading to all of my buddies.  It’s called, “Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe:  Different is More.”  The book is about a special giraffe who thinks about his world in a different, unique way.  Using his own special talents and abilities, Grant learns to make eco-art which makes him well known across the world.

This book is super special primarily because it’s written and illustrated by a mother/son duo named Julie and Grant Manier.  Grant is an award winning artist and this story is about his life.  Grant is a young man with autism  who wants to deliver a message to the world that “different, is more!”

This week, we are reading this wonderful story and then completing a group art activity where we glue Grant’s puzzle piece “dots” onto his body.  In this way, hopefully Grant the giraffe can serve as a role model for the kiddos at our school.

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