Digital Passports

This week, my younger friends on the STAR hall are starting a new unit about appropriate behavior while using technology.  We call this digital citizenship.  Thankfully, we have a really fun online program called Digital Passport to help us.  This program is free and is made available by Common Sense Media.

This week, our kiddos are learning about digital citizenship as it relates to using cell phones.  They are learning about when it’s ok to use their phones.  Specifically, they should be able to tell you that there are times when they shouldn’t use their phone because it’s dangerous (like when crossing the street).  There are also times they shouldn’t use their phone because it’s rude (like when someone is speaking to you).  And finally, there are times when phones shouldn’t be used because it isn’t healthy (like when it’s bedtime).  Digital Passport includes a short video and an online game for each lesson and it really is a lot of fun!

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