When I first began teaching, my mentor teacher told me that teaching is like an onion.  Every year we add a new layer.  I love this and it’s stuck with me for over fifteen years.  Right now, my new layer is adding what I learn from the book, Culturize:  Every Student, Every Day, No Matter What by Jimmy Casas.  I love, love, love this book so far!  It’s all about how to build relationships with our students and between our students so that we can eradicate average and shoot for extraordinary in our classrooms and school.

Here are a few great quotes I’ve borrowed from the book so far:

“The three most important characteristics of an amazing educator are compassion, passion, and knowledge.”

“Teachers can’t replace parents, but so many students are saved by teachers who assume the role when there is a vacancy.”

“A growth mindset, complimented with a strong work ethic and determination, helps ensure students’ success in school and in life.”

“If we want kids to take responsibility for their own learning, we must provide an environment where their curiosity is nurtured and developed—where they want to learn simply for the sake of learning.”  



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