Book Challenges Abound!

This year, I am challenging our students to read, read, and read some more!

Students in Mrs. King, Ms. Godwin, and Mr. Holley’s classes are participating in a 100 book challenge this year. These kids are encouraged to read 100 library books during the school year. These books can be chapter books or picture books but we want each and every child reading books in their free time. Your child should be bringing library books home every night. Please help your kiddo organize their time so that they are reading several nights a week. If your kiddo needs help reading their library books then that’s ok! Feel free to join in and read with your student. Each child has a blue folder in their library bag. Inside is a sheet where your kiddo can record the books he read in the presence of an adult. These records will count toward our 100 book challenge.

Students in Mr. Dabbs, Ms. Calhoun, Ms. Campell, Ms. Wilburn, and Ms. Lee’s classes are participating in a 40 book challenge this year. This is a wide reading challenge that focuses on reading from a wide variety of genres. Each nine weeks, I am asking each child to read 10 books from the library. This nine weeks, we are focusing on Traditional Literature, Graphic Novels, and Realistic Fiction. Your child has been asked to read two pieces of traditional literature, 2 graphic novels, and 5 realistic fiction titles. In addition, the children will take the last week before the grading period ends to read titles of their own choosing. Please set aside time each evening for your child to read between twenty and thirty minutes. Students should bring home library books each night and record their reading progress in their blue folder.

All students participating in either the 100 or the 40 Book Challenges are in the process of earning brag tags for every five books they read. In addition, I’ve created a bulletin board in the hallway with pictures of each student as they reach a reading milestone.


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