My Nonfiction Favorites

Here are a few of my nonfiction favorites!

  • El Deafo by Cece Bell. ¬†When the author, Cece Bell, was a little girl, she became very ill with meningitis. ¬† ¬†As a result of her illness, she lost her hearing. ¬†This book is the author’s memories growing up as a child with a hearing impairment. ¬†In some ways, her childhood was very different from her peers but the book also reflects a childhood that’s very similar to typical experiences growing up. ¬†The book is a very interesting read and to make it ever better, it’s a graphic novel!

  • The Journey that Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey¬†by Louise Borden. ¬†Did you know that Curious George was first known and loved by the name Fifi? ¬†Did you know that poor Fifi was almost a victim of the ravages of World War II? ¬†This book is the true story of how Margret and H.A. Rey saved themselves and Curious George by building their own bicycles and riding themselves ¬†(and their draft of Curious George) out of Paris just two days before it fell to the invasion of the German army during WWII. ¬†If you love Curious George then you’ll love reading this book also.

  • Chasing Lincoln’s Killer¬†by James Swanson. ¬†This story reads like a fiction novel and I loved it! ¬†This is the story of John Wilkes Boothe, famous actor and Lincoln’s assassin. ¬†This book follows the intersecting path between Lincoln and Booth and delves into why Booth decided to assassinate the president and how he was able to commit his crime. ¬†You’ll follow along with Booth as he attemps to escape capture for his crime all the way to his last moments before he was shot and killed after 12 days on the run.

  • The President Has Been Shot by James Swanson. ¬†I honestly believe that James Swanson can make any story worth reading. ¬†In¬†The President Has Been Shot,¬†the reader follows the life of John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie as they parade through Texas during the final moments of John’s life. ¬†This book has forever left me with an immense respect for Jackie Kennedy Onassis. ¬†On a side note, Swanson has a new book titled¬†Chasing King’s Killer that is coming out early 2018. ¬†It will be about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and I can’t wait to read it too.

  • Smile¬†and¬†Sisters¬†by Raina Telgemeier. ¬†These are two graphic novels that every middle school girl must read! ¬†In¬†Smile,¬†the author recreates a defining moment in her childhood where a random accident causes her to loose her two front teeth. ¬†Of course, every middle school kid is obsessed with their appearance so this is particularly hard on Raina. ¬†Raina walks her reader through her recovery. ¬†This is a powerful coming of age type story. ¬†In¬†Sisters,¬†Rainia recreates a tender yet very relatable moment in her life while her family is on a road trip. ¬†If you have a sister or you are a child of divorce, this is a must read book!