Happy New Year!!!

My sweet kiddos at our Christmas Eve service at church.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. We needed the rest. We’re gearing up for our spring semester full of activities! We have Student Led Conferences, Bookfair, Grandparents week, Popcorn and PJ Day, and lots more! 2018 here we come!!!

Woah, It’s Been Awhile!!!

Oh man, I have totally fallen off the bandwagon with my blog! Well, I’m back to do a quick recap of our great year so far! Check out the pictures and activities we’ve been doing here in the classroom!

We started out our year with 19 terrific 1st graders!  We learned all about what makes a great 1st grader and how we can all be a leader.  We even got to sing a song about being a leader on the morning announcements.  A Leader in Me


We love to do math and explore with all of our fun manipulatives.

We love exploring with our Math Centers! Who knew math could be so much fun!







Pumpkin Decorating Day!  Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun decorating our pumpkins for Halloween!








We had so much fun learning about the First Thanksgiving at American Village in Montevallo on our first field trip in First Grade.









We are getting ready for our Christmas fun in the classroom!  The decorating has started and the kids are anxiously awaiting the Christmas party and the arrival of the jolly ‘ole elf! Stay tuned for some pictures of our Christmas fun!


Happy Fall Y’all!

Wow, is it already Thanksgiving?!?!?!  This year is flying by!  We have had a lot of fun in our classroom this fall.  Here are some pictures to share about what all we’ve done. Enjoy!

Our class has a chance to earn “apple compliments” for good behavior.  Once they earn 10 compliments, they get to vote on a reward.  Their first compliment reward was popsicles! Who doesn’t love a good Bomb Pop!






We studied about communities this September.  We learned about all the different people that work in a community to help it run smoothly.  Each child got the chance to “apply” for a community helper job of their choice.  They had to write about why they would be good for the position.  At the end of the unit, we had a dress up and share day.





We gathered and donated supplies to help the flood victims in Louisiana.  We even received a Certificate of Recognition from Congressman Gary Palmer in appreciation of our service to our community.  I am so proud of these students.






Parenting Day was a great success! Thank you parents for coming and for supporting all the students and teachers.

parenting-day-4 parenting-day-3 parenting-day-2 parenting-day-1







Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Day!

img_20161028_133625510 img_20161028_133522359 img_20161028_133512927_top img_20161028_133349216 img_20161028_133333369_top img_20161028_133231595 img_20161028_133216792 img_20161028_133207983pumpkin-day-crazy pumpkin-day













We had a terrific trip to the American Village in Montevallo, AL.  We participated in a reenactment of The First Thanksgiving.  We learned all about the Pilgrims’ voyage to America and the friendship that was created between the Pilgrims and the Indians.

american-village field-trip-1 field-trip-3


Getting Ready…

I hope you are enjoying your summer!!  I am having a busy time taking care of new sweet girl, Miriam.  She was born on June 2nd.  We are having fun playing outside in our little pool, going to the lake, eating popsicles, and visiting the library.  I hope you enjoy your last month of summer and STAY COOL!!

4th of July
Happy 4th of July from the Chelsea Big Kaboom!








Lydia and Philip at Lake Martin
Miriam had her first trip to the lake!








If you are getting ready to come to 1st grade, I want to say “YAY! and I can’t wait to meet you!”  We are going to have a wonderful year. 1st grade is so much fun.  The 1st grade teachers work together to create a fabulous year of learning.  (This picture was obviously before my little one arrived!)

MLES teachers
Crazy 1st grade teachers!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my little pilgrims and Indians!  I hope you all have a wonderfully, blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  I am so thankful for all of these sweet faces.


Pumpkin Decorating Day

Today was our Pumpkin Decorating Day!  We had so much fun.  The kids all brought in a small pumpkin, and we all went to town decorating them for Halloween.  We had stickers, googly eyes, paint pens, pipe cleaners, and more.  We put the hot glue guns to use today! I think the kids had a great time today.  We also had some yummy cupcakes to celebrate a birthday.  Enjoy the pictures! Have a great Halloween weekend! Be safe!

IMG_20151030_141052681[1] IMG_20151030_141043975[1] IMG_20151030_141129477_HDR[1] IMG_20151030_141219487[1] IMG_20151030_141231058[1] IMG_20151030_141249191[1]

MLES Chick-fil-A Spirit Night!

Thanks to all the parents and students who came out to support MLES at Chick Fil A last night!  I know it was crowded, but we raised over $600 for our school last night.  I enjoyed seeing all of my students.  chick fil a night





Mother Goose Week!

We had so much fun reading Mother Goose nursery rhymes this week!  I was surprised at how many of my students didn’t know some of the traditional nursery rhymes.  Through reading the rhymes, we were able to cover a lot of reading skills.  We learned about characters, setting, problem, solution, main idea, and we were even able to compare two rhymes using a venn diagram.  We compared Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill.  It was a great week in reading!

Here are our Humpty Dumpty pictures. The students filled in the missing sight words in the poem and then created some “crinkle” legs for Humpty.


nursery rhymes




humpty dumpty






Here is a great explanation of why nursery rhymes are so important!

mother goose


Making Memories

I am so excited about this year.  We have already begun to make a lot of memories here at MLES.  We have learned about how we are all special and important in this world, how our families help us and love us, and how our community serves one another.  We have talked a lot about building a community in our classroom.  Everyone is important and special!  I have been having the class repeat an affirmation each day that says: “I am important, I am special, I am smart, and I am loved!”  I want my students to know that their teacher knows their potential, and I can’t wait to see them rise up to it.

We are getting ready to talk about our great state of Alabama, and during our unit, we will discuss Helen Keller and the influence she had on our great world.  I hope that the students will see that despite a disability, Helen Keller was able to accomplish so much.  I want my students to feel empowered and feel like they can make a difference at 6 and 7 years old.

Here are a few pictures from our first few weeks of school! Enjoy!

community helper principals flag pole


I cannot believe we only have 26 more days of school left!!  This year has flown by!  It has been such a wonderful year, and I have enjoyed teaching this great class.  We are going to celebrate our 1st grade year on Friday, May 15th with an ice cream sundae party.  All of the 1st graders will celebrate together!  It’s going to be a great afternoon of fun.