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Welcome to OMMS!

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NOW ONLINE…Classes begin MONDAY, April 6th. In order to see your assignments, the latest class announcements, and my video message to you… login to your Google Classroom account.

My online office hours for assistance is between 8:00-3:00.

Please make sure that you send all questions and comments in regards to your activities between these hours. Thanks!

Please make sure you read the blog and memo daily.

This blog is full of information that will help guide you through your first year of Science and Math at OMMS. Listed on this blog currently are homework assignments, daily assignments, and bell ringers. Also included are current events and fun web sites for SCIENCE and MATH. Please take a few minutes every day to view any new information. Just click on the TABS ABOVE for more information. 

This blog is updated regularly with current assignments and events. Remember, if you are having difficulty in science or math attend THINK TANK at 7:15 or please e-mail me directly at




Personally-Owned Technology POLICY

The use of any personally-owned technology at school is a privilege, not a right.

Students may only use personal technology during school hours when given specific permission to do so by their teacher or a school administrator.

Students must also follow all rules established by the transportation department regarding the use and storage of personal devices while on the bus.

Students are responsible for keeping their device safe while in transit and at school. School staff and/or bus drivers will not be responsible for attempting to recover lost or stolen personal technology when the student has not properly secured it.

In addition to any other applicable consequences, students who are found to have used their personal device at school in manner that violates any section of the Shelby County Schools Code of Conduct, including this Acceptable Use Policy, may lose the privilege to bring their personal device to school either temporarily or permanently.

This includes: • Use of a personal device to access inappropriate content, not limited to content that would be blocked by the District’s Internet filter. This includes content that may be stored on the device itself. • Use of the device to capture video, images, or audio in areas of the school where others have an expectation of privacy. These include, but are not limited to locker rooms, restrooms, etc.