Elementary Gifted Education Services

Gifted education services for students identified in grades K-1-2 are primarily offered through consultation, that is, the gifted ed. teacher consults with the regular ed. teacher to provide ideas, resources, materials, & learning contracts to help the teacher differentiate the regular ed. curriculum. The gifted ed. elementary lead teacher & the building gifted ed. teacher also meet with the school’s staff support team, the counselor, the classroom teacher and with the student’s parents to discuss ways to meet the student’s learning needs.

Gifted edducation teachers are actively involved with the 2nd grade teachers at their schools – they go into 2nd grade classes to do “planned experiences” as part of the SDE required 2nd grade Child Find.

In grades 3-4-5, identified gifted students are pulled-out for a resource class (GRC – Gifted Resource Class) each week. In the resource class, the students are exposed to a differentiated / concept-based curriculum which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Content that is related to broad-based issues, theories, or problems
  • Activities to develop thinking skills (Talents Unlimited,  Problem Based Learning, Creative Problem Solving, open-ended activities, deductive and inductive reasoning, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, analogies, working as professionals)
  • Creativity training
  • Activities to develop research skills and methods
  • Opportunities for in-depth learning of a self-selected topic within an area of study
  • Teaching techniques which nurture higher level thinking
  • Learning centers to encourage independent projects
  • Units not ordinarily presented in the regular curriculum
  • Training in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Understanding of giftedness & guidance in recognizing their unique affective needs
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