Welcome to the 2018-2019 OMMS School Year!

I am looking forward to working with each of you.  We will spend the first few days going over rules and general classroom procedures. Classroom-Rules-and-Procedures 2018-19 EAET Policy Supplies:     The supplies needed for this class are: 1-1/2″ binder with dividers, 3-5 dividers with pockets, loose leaf paper, a composition notebook, pencil and blue or […]

6th Period English

Today we worked in class on our Study Guides for Holes.  We checked questions for Chapters 18-23.  Tomorrow we will go over questions for Chapters 24-26.  We will then continue reading starting at Ch. 27 page 116.  Students should continue to check google classroom for updated assignments and to practice vocabulary quizlet for vocab. words […]

4th Period English

Today we completed and turned in vocabulary cards for What Do You Like?  These are words about weather.  Spelling quiz on Thursday and regular vocabulary on What Do You Like? on Friday. Friday students will have their nine weeks’ assessment.  The test will cover vocabulary :  Your Five Senses/Have a Nice Trip(transportation-reviewed in class)/Lights Out/Food […]