We are about to POP!!!

We have been discussing functional writing and kicked things off with a fun “How To” paper! In case, there are any of you out there who still do not know how to blow a bubble, we will let you in on the secret with our “How to Blow a Bubble” paragraphs! We even threw in some transition words to help you follow our steps in sequential order!!! Good luck and happy chewing! 🙂

Unit 3 Summative Study Guide

We have our Unit 3 Summative Assessment tomorrow!! Your child should be coming home with the following study guide! In case you cannot read their handwriting or they missed something, here is the one I filled out! Please make sure your child is familiar with the following problems as well as how to tell time on an analog clock! 🙂


Capture 5

Our class has really loved getting to play Capture 5! This math game helps us learn to navigate through the hundreds chart and helps us become more familiar with place value as well as addition and subtraction! The kids have so much fun with it! Take a gander at their engagement today during this activity! Ask your child about Capture 5 when you get a chance! 🙂

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September Math Calendar

Your child has the opportunity to earn 10 tickets by completing our September Math Calendar! This is an awesome chance for you to teach them a simple math problem every evening and open up a time for positive math conversations at home! Your child can print and complete this page and turn it in on October 1st! The boxes are tiny so they can work out problems on the back or on a separate sheet of paper! As always, thanks for your support! 🙂