Hopes & Dreams… Under the Sea!!

One thing that we always do at the beginning of every year is to set attainable hopes and dreams to work on everyday and to reflect back on throughout the year! This year, we got creative and broadcasted our hopes and dreams on jellyfish tentacles!! How fun!! We had a BLAST creating these jellyfish that will stay up all year to remind us of our personal goals for the year!

Hopes & Dreams 🙂

The First Day of 3rd Grade!!

Wow!! What an exciting time it has been!! It has been a pleasure meeting all of these new faces and learning about your children!! Here is a picture that I captured on our First Day of 3rd grade!!! We most certainly have a precious group!! 🙂

First Day of School 2014

Shape Poems & The Skeletal System

We have been hard at work learning how to write a variety of poems!! Below are some examples of Shape Poems where you write in the shape of a topic of interest! These will be coming home soon as an extremely cute keepsake!!! Also, we have been studying the muscular system, the skeletal system, and the other body systems! Below are also some examples of our Q-Tip Skeletal Systems!!! Check out our hard work!

 Shape Poems

Shape Poems 2


The Lorax




To celebrate and honor Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we had some fun dress up days and we read his books throughout the week! We even discussed 1st and 3rd person point of view and figured out which point of view The Lorax was written in!

What We Are Thankful For

Your children have all been thinking hard about the things they are thankful for! Reflecting on this is important to do especially during the holiday season!! We are also learning to be grateful in couseling! We are learning to be careful not to ponder over the things that we do not have, but to be thankful for what we do have! We are more than blessed! Thank you, parents, for all that you do! We could not do what we do without your love and support! 🙂

Thankful Papers

Writing Workshop


We have been hard at work learning the Writing Process and the kiddos surely amazed me this week!! They have been so dedicated while working on their “What I am Thankful For” papers! Here are some pictures I took on Thursday when then kids were working so hard that no one was even making a peep! It was an amazing moment for me to know they have gotten everything that I have been teaching them about using our time wisely! I am one proud teacher!!! Have a great weekend!!!


Virginia Brown, one of our special education teachers, came to us this year after teaching at a precious little school in the Dominican Republic.  She is going back for a visit towards the end of November.  We are planning to make her former school our sister school.  She would love to come back for her visit bearing gifts from our school.  Below is a list of items for our students to donate. The website is included below in case you’d like to check it out!

The deadline to bring in items is: Monday, November 25th!

Items to Donate:

New/used backpacks

Individual whiteboards and dry erase markers

Pencils, crayons, colored pencils



Animal Research Projects!

Wow!! Our class is full of researchers! Each student devoted a lot of time and energy to research their animal of choice! They turned out fabulously and the students learned a lot not only about their animal, but they also learned about all of their classmates’ animals too! These will be coming home soon for your child to have as a keepsake!

Animal Research Projects



Forest Oaks Elementary will be hosting the Scholastic Book Fair this week, November 4th-8th! As a class will get to preview the books Monday, November 4th! You can come and take your child anytime throughout the week to purchase books! We will have a great variety for all readers!


We will also have themed dress up days as follows:

Monday:   “Mummy Monday” – Wrap yourself in a good book!  (Wear white)
Tuesday:    “King Tut Tuesday”  – Books Rule! (Wear a crown and/or royal cape)

Wednesday:  “Wild about books Wednesday”  (Wear a wild top or wild hair or wild hat)

Thursday:  “Tomb Treasures Thursday”   Books are Jewels!  (wear lots of bling!)

Friday:  “Fans of Pharohs”  Hooray for books!  Celebrate books by wearing your favorite team shirt and bringing your favorite book of all time to school for silent reading time.