Update…Football 2022

Good Morning! I wanted to address a few questions regarding Football for 2022. The High School has been proactive in putting together some great opportunities for the Middle School to participate. I want to answer some of the questions that have been asked, as well as clarify some of the details regarding off season training. 

First and foremost…The High School has provided us with an opportunity to utilize Godspeed and their trainers for off-season and summer training. This is a great opportunity for our athletes! Godspeed is one of the best in the business and understands the dynamic differences between athletes of different ages and maturity levels. All workouts will be age appropriate and will be at introductory levels. Here is a link to Godspeed’s website. https://godspeed.org/about/

I was asked this morning by a player if the middle school will now be practicing with the high school. No…nothing has changed organizationally from the past except for the fact that we are getting access to training and the coaches will be working closer with the high school coaches. 

  • What are details on off-season program? This is not a mandatory program. This is an extra training opportunity supplied by the high school. There is not a fee associated for participating.
  • They will leave the school at 2:30, a bus will be there to pick them up. Once they arrive Coach Crane will meet with them and then will take them up and do on the field footwork first. Once the Varsity players are finished then they will transition into the weightroom. Once there they should be finished at 4:30. 
  • Requirements are a completed dragonfly account as well as an information sheet. Please see me or Coach Wells for more information.
  • Is this the football signup? Not officially…This program is for current 7th and 8th graders that have played football and those that did not play but are interested in playing next year (2022 season). This program will be 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and intended for those not playing another sport.
  • Are we having spring practice? The middle school will have spring practice (May 2-13). Signups will open up first of March. The parent meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 12 @ 6:00 – here at the Middle School cafeteria. 
  • What are the details on the Summer Program? Many parents have looked to Godspeed and other trainers for workouts during the month of June. We want all of our athletes to have the availability to do that with their other teammates. For those that are planning summer vacations, (so that they do not interfere with summer practice)…the best time would be the first 3 weeks of June. We will be discussing this further in the parent meeting in April. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out by email or phone. 

Coach Hackbarth



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