You must complete and/or submit the following forms for eligibility to compete in interscholastic athletics at Oak Mountain Middle School per the Alabama High School Athletic Association, Shelby County Board of Education, and Oak Mountain Middle School:

All AHSAA Forms (2-5 Below) should be completed on DragonFlyMax

  1. Submit a photocopy of your birth certificate
  2. AHSAA Form 5 (Participation Physical Evaluation)
  3. AHSAA Student Release Form 
  4. AHSAA Concussion Information Form 
  5. Complete NFHS Learn Sportsmanship Course  (Note: Please login in your child’s name in order for the form to print with their name)
  6. Read the Student-Athlete-Parent-Handbook
  7. Consent Form 
  8. Drug Form 
  9. Volunteer Driver Form 
  10. Permission form for player to be transported by another driver after practice/game