Monday, November 18th

A meeting was held this afternoon during 7th period Advisory to specifically cover the Toys for Tots shopping trip. If you missed the meeting, you will need to read the letter (linked below) and follow the instructions…..otherwise, you just might miss the opportunity to go shopping with us.

  • Permission Slips are due back to your assigned sponsor by Friday, November 22nd.

***It is IMPERATIVE that students turn these permission slips in by the due date of Friday, November 22nd. I know that’s a really fast turn around, but as I stated at the meeting this afternoon—-when we make things as materialistic as a cell phone a priority, then the truly important things in life LIKE DEADLINES should be just as important. I’ll say it again this way….if it’s a big enough deal to you to want to go shopping, you will see to it that your permission slip is turned into your assigned sponsor by Friday, November 22nd.

Concerning the DRESS CODE for Monday, December 9th:

  • Female NJHS members who wear leggings or jeggings to school on Monday, December 9th WILL NOT be permitted to go shopping.
  • Male NJHS members must wear jeans or khakis (NO SHORTS) as well as a belt AND tuck in their Toys for Tots shirt in order to be permitted to go shopping on Monday, December 9th. Shirts must stay tucked in from from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
  • All members are required to wear their Toys for Tots shirt on Monday, December 9th in order to go shopping as well. (Students received their TFT shirts today at the meeting.)

Students were directed to “stay tuned” regarding lunch details. Although I know where we will be eating (The Church of Brook Hills), I am still working on the Google Form where students will have to select what they want to eat that day for lunch. Stay tuned! I will get the word out via the morning announcements, your math teachers, as well as your ELA teachers too.

Finally, all members must have at least THREE service hours on file to go shopping with us on Monday, December 9th. I did my best to touch base with those members who have no hours on file today — all 26 of them! Hours are due by this Friday, November 22nd. Students were made aware of this due date at our last meeting on Wednesday, October 23rd.

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