What is Phase I?

Community Connection Documentation Form 


Volunteer Driver Form

Dates for Phase 1 meetings and field trips:

*ALL monthly meetings will be Mondays (see dates below), 3:00-4:30 in A4.

Pick up IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL at 4:30.

*Field trips will be 3:00-5:30. Pick up IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL at 5:30.

*Students are encouraged to wear their Phase 1 t shirts and bring a snack to Phase 1 meetings.




*Community Connection Documentation Form: Phase I is an opportunity for middle school students to experience service learning, develop leadership and people skills, and make a difference. We look forward to working with your student and with you to really make an impact in our community!


Each month a Community Connection form (1 hour of community service) is due at the Phase 1 meeting. Print the form here or see Mr. Bullock or Mrs. Nobles for a connection form.

Community Connection Documentation Form


 Suggested volunteer connections for the form are:

*volunteer work at church in nursery or an activity

*service to the community through a bake sale, car wash, lemonade stand, etc.

*volunteer for a neighbor to mow, trim, pick up trash or rake leaves, wash car, walk pet, etc.

Coordinator (adult) signs the bottom of the form to indicate the service has been volunteered.

*It is the responsibility of the student to fill out the connection form, not the parents.