Thompson Meet Info (3/10)

1921 Warrior Pkwy, Alabaster, AL 35007 <— Here is the address for Thompson high school. The track is located behind the school, not the same area as the football stadium. If you come in Thompson Road, you will then take a right onto Warrior Parkway. After that you will turn right into the school lot. The baseball and softball fields will be on your right and just past that you will see the track facility.
The bus will leave at 2:45 tomorrow from Oak Mountain. Students will check in with their advisory teacher before changing and loading up on the bus. We should arrive at Thompson around 3:15.

The meet schedule is schedule #2 which I have attached here. All field events will start at 4pm and then running events will start at 4:15pm. It is a rolling schedule, so as one event ends another one will begin. Make sure that if your athlete is doing a field event AND running, they should go check in with the official at the field event FIRST, tell them which running event they are doing, before they come back and run. The running events take priority #1 at these meets.

The heat sheets have not been posted yet but I have attached the events each athlete is entered into below. I will post heat sheets here as soon as they are released. Thanks!!

Optional Saturday Practice (3/7) !

It’s the weekend! And we have a meet coming up next Tuesday. The weather has rained on our Heardmont parade twice this week, and we thought it would be a great idea to have practice at Heardmont on Saturday! Completely optional, but I (Coach Chumbley) will be out at the track at Heardmont from 10-11:30 tomorrow morning for anyone that wants to practice some of their events ( jumps) and do a running workout (short/long). I won’t have access to shot puts or the discuses, but I will be able to help jumpers and anyone that still wants to do hurdles.

**REMINDER** – Email me at if you want to change an event that you were previously entered in last meet. I already have the changes that have been made to the sheet in the PE gym. I must have these changes by 11PM SATURDAY NIGHT.

Event Select Google Form

You can select TWO open events to compete in for the first two meets. AFTER the first two meets, you can compete in THREE total events (including a relay). Every athlete needs to fill out a copy of this google form, where you can express interest in which field or running events you want to compete in. Thanks! -Coach Chumbley and Coach Dillard

Training Schedules

I have attached the training schedules for long and short distance runners. This is a tentative training schedule I have created for us to follow over the month of February. If you miss a day or are just looking to keep up with where we are headed as a program, you can follow all of that here. (You can now view the links, I forgot to turn sharing on…)

OMMS Distance February 2020 Download
OMMS Sprinting February 2020 Download

Track Try-Outs

Try-outs for track are still scheduled for tomorrow (2/11) and Wednesday (2/12). There is a high percentage chance of rain, so we might have to cancel again. If we do cancel, we will wait until noon to make the final call. I will email you guys and send a post out on the blog to let you know. We apologize for all the confusion, the weather has been so awful lately!

Welcome to the 2020 Track and Field Blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2020 Track and Field Blog. This is the website where we will give daily updates. If practice is cancelled, moved, or rescheduled, you will find that information here. You will also find the Track schedule, DragonFly Max information, and forms to fill out after try-outs here as well.

Try-outs are still scheduled for February 5-6th (aka this Wednesday and Thursday). BUT, it is also supposed to rain on both of those days, so we might have to reschedule for next week. We will let you all know closer to Wednesday.

We are so excited for this season to begin!

Coach Dillard and Coach Chumbley