OMMS PTO is excited to announce our end of the year gala “SUMMERFEST!”  It will be next Friday, May 6th.  Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the links below or scanning the QR codes included at the bottom of the email. Admission Tickets are $7 each and Fun Tickets are $1 each but sold in bundles of $5.  Most food at the gala will cost from 2 to 5 tickets each, so we recommend buying around $20 in Fun Tickets.  Since our galas are fundraisers, all money made goes directly to the school. 

ADMISSION AND FUN TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE BY THE DEADLINE OF THURSDAY, MAY 5th at 3PM.  A very limited number of tickets will be sold at the door, however, these tickets will only be available after all online ticket purchasers have been admitted.  This could delay your student entering the event for up to 30+ minutes.  We cannot guarantee ticket availability at the door.  

SummerFest Admission Ticket

Summer Fest 5 Fun Tickets

Lots of Volunteers are needed to make this gala a success….please follow the link below to sign-up and help.  Thanks in advance for all that you do!

6th Grade Students will attend the gala during school hours and will be dismissed from school at 2:50 and will go home as usual.  You do not need to provide any transportation changes if you have a 6th grade student.

7th and 8th Grade Students will attend the gala after school and will have staggered dismissal after the gala.  They will be dismissed from school to attend the gala at 3:00, so students that plan to attend the gala will stay at the school until the gala begins. Please see attached flyer for more information on what time students will be dismissed after the gala ends.  Parents will need to pick students up at their designated time.  Administrators will send out more information on dismissal procedures sometime next week.  

We have some fun activities planned for the students and can’t wait to see all of them next week! 

Prices of activities and Food are listed below: 

All activities are FREE!

Hotdog 2 tickets

Hamburger 3 tickets

Chips 1 ticket

Chick-Fil-A Nuggets 5 tickets

Donuts 2 tickets

Tropical Smoothies 4 tickets

Kona Ice 4 tickets

Popcorn 1 ticket

Drinks and Candy will be sold at the concession stand.

Thanks so much,

Allyson Madinger