1. It was really cool And awesome Because of all the sun light in florida and how they are changing the world

  2. hey mrs.tolbert i love the video confrence and wanted u to know that your one of the funniest teachers ive had i hope i will do good with what u showed me and tought me and i fell confident to go to 5th grade next year bye

  3. Hello I think the Video was awesome. I didnt know you could make 220 degress in Foil.

  4. I thought it was really cool!!!I love science and love to learn new things about it!Math and science are my favorite subject!!I love u Mrs.Tolbert!!!

  5. I thought it was realy cool how they baked some number of cookies in the 3000’s, but I forgot and it was very intresting.

  6. I thought it was so amazing! Science is so cool it is fun too! I would like to try to solar cook in class one day! Bye love you Mrs.Tolbert! Your so amazing ! your a wonderful women Mrs.Tolbert!

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