Civil Rights Movement Booklet

The Civil Rights Movement booklet will be an ongoing assignment throughout the 4th nine weeks.  We will work daily on drawing representations of key terms and people of the Civil Rights Movement.  The assignment must be finished for homework and turned in no later than Monday, May 16.

Here are the words:

Thurgood Marshall

Brown v. Board of Education

Little Rock Nine

Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Martin Luther King, Jr.



John F. Kennedy

Freedom Rides

March on Washington

Lyndon B. Johnson

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Great Society

Black Power

Malcolm X

Cesar Chavez

United Farm Workers

Betty Friedan

National Organization for Women

Shirley Chisholm

Equal Rights Amendment

Phyllis Schlafly

American Indian Movement

Disabled in Action

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