Mrs. Paul’s Summer Update

For the upcoming 5th graders who may be checking this blog, 5th grade is the best grade ever! We do lots of cool experiments, read some awesome books, learn to do amazing things with fractions, create some wonderful projects, and write tons. Mrs. Carr and I will challenge you to give your best effort at all times and we have very high expectations.

Here are some tips for surviving Mrs. Paul’s Class:
1. Be prepared for class at all times. Do all of your assignments on-time, turn them in, and write your name/number on the paper. Have everything you need to learn ready to go.
2. Keep your work area clean. This means you keep your desk, binder, notebooks, folders, and supplies in nice, neat order. Everything has a place and each place has a purpose.
3. Listen carefully and follow directions. Pay close attention to directions and follow them the first time they are given.
4. Be responsible for yourself and your learning. It’s your responsibility to get your assignments, forms, reading logs, etc. completed. You are also responsible for your behavior choices, and I expect your best behavior at all times. There are natural consequences for those that make poor choices.
5. Be respectful to all students and faculty. Remember to use your manners, be nice, and make good choices.

Don’t be nervous about 5th grade. I’ll take good care of you.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Mrs. Paul