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It is week 3 of the new school year - it's been busy!!  Between Kindergarten Color Weeks, the Coin Drive and just settling into a new year - I think we are now on track!!

In computer lab we are getting into the groove of things...

Kindergarten - Simon Says with computer Parts, Bees and Honey Mousing Activity     First - Mousercise (ask your child)                                                                                          Second - Mousercise and Scantron testing                                                                            Third - Remembering our Google Logins, getting used to using Clever & it's Apps        4th - Clever, Google Classroom, Studies Weekly, RazPlus                                                   5th - Clever, Google Classroom, Moby Max                                                                          and adjusting to our new Typing Agent!

It's a great day at MLES!  Fall is in the air!   Students have adjusted to the new school year wonderfully!

Computer Lab classes have gone smoothly.  We are testing for a couple weeks like we always do!  Third through Fifth grades are already using their chromebooks too!  Students have already begun their lessons in Typing Agent as well!

IKids will continue this year on Wednesday afternoons.  Mrs. Craft, the GRC teacher, will be leading the class this year.  If you are interested in your child attending, email her at


Wow where has this first semester gone?  It really did fly by!

Our MLES students have been working hard on Typing Agent.  I am so proud of how well they are doing on their keyboarding.  If they want to practice, they can go here .  They exactly where to go to get to Typing Agent.  They also know their username and password!  Smart kids 🙂

We have been working hard on keyboarding, but our students have also been working on their Google accounts.  Many classes are using Google Classroom for assignments from their teachers.  First and Second grades are continuing to work on their Google accounts.

Enjoy these days!



Fall is in the air - as well as football and our Renaissance Faire.  It will be September 30, 5:30-8:00 pm!  Come out and enjoy great food, a silent auction (online this year), inflatables, vendors, and games!

Kids are testing for the next couple weeks.  First-Third grades are taking Global Scholar and third-fifth grades will be taking their practice ASPIRE test.  Rest and good breakfast make a difference.

IKids is our after-school computer class.  We are starting from basics on coding.  Learning coding vocabulary, using Google Apps, and learning to code basic programs.  It's Wednesdays at 3:00 until 4:00 if your child is interested.  Email if you are interested.

Enjoy your weekend!

IMG_1009 IMG_1022

This was the first year that Shelby County had a typing competition!  Our students practiced this year on a typing program called Typing Agent.  Last week the top ten scorers from each grade level competed against other elementary schools in the county.  Karter Long, was the top 2nd grader in the county!  Julia Davison was the top typer for MLES!  Way to go - we are so proud of all our typers - they have worked really hard!

Practice over the summer and we will ready for the new school year!

Computer Lab - find your grade level and then Keyboarding and then Typing Agent!

It's that time of the year!  Testing is underway but we are good - students are doing great!  First and Second grades are finishing up Global Scholar in the lab.  Third thru fifth grades will begin their ASPIRE testing next week!

REMEMBER: Eat a good breakfast and be at school by 7:45 am!

Also, our top ten typers from each grade level will begin practicing for the Typing Competition that will be held on May 18th.  The top typers had the highest AWPM for their grade level using Typing Agent.  This is the first annual county competition!  Good Luck Typers!!!

Typing Agent  Students know their username and password for this!




First thru 5th grades are busy with Typing Agent and Google Apps!  Keyboarding is getting a big emphasis this year to ready our students for correct typing and ASPIRE :)!  We are having fun learning how to maneuver through Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, & Sheets as well as Google Classroom.  Bear with us as we Learn!

Visit my Computer Lab site to work on Typing Agent at home as well as other fun websites approved by Shelby County!