UNA Scholarships and Deadlines

UNA Scholarships and Deadlines
– Final deadline for scholarships is now April 15th, 2021. 
– February 1, 2021 is now considered a priority deadline.
– Students can go to https://una.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/index.html to view ALL UNA scholarships and their processes.  (All students should apply for Leadership!)
– Endowed Scholarships (https://una.academicworks.com/opportunities/3714) are still due on the priority deadline.  All students are encouraged to apply.
– In-person tours as well as group and visit opportunities this spring.  Go to una.edu/visit to learn more –virtual options available for individual and classroom appointments, as well! 

The attached flier contains links to scholarship pages, visit details, and more!

Ms. Hadley Skalnik ‘16, ‘18 | 256.765.4108
Admissions Communication Coordinator
UNA Box 5011 | Coby Hall • Florence, AL 35632-0001

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