Mary Lou Kelley Scholarship

The Wilsonville United Methodist Women are once again accepting applications for the Marylou Kelley Scholarship.

Your application MUST INCLUDE the following attachments:
1. Your current RESUMÉ, which must include any awards, honors, recognitions you have received, as well as all extra-curricular activities (school, community, civic, church) you have participated in, and volunteer experience during your high school years.
2. An original ESSAY describing your college and career goals, and how this scholarship will help you to attain these goals. You must include information about your family circumstances that could hinder your ability to pay for a college education, and why you feel you should receive this scholarship award.
3. Official high school TRANSCRIPT certified by a high school official.
4. Official copy of your ACT/SAT Scores.
5. PROOF OF ACCEPTANCE into college, university, or technical school.
6. TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. Letters cannot be written by a relative.
A. One letter must be from a teacher regarding applicant’s accomplishments in his/her class.
B. One letter must be from a pastor, youth minister, youth counselor, or school counselor
regarding applicant’s attitude, ability to relate well to others, and his/her moral

The completed application (page 1) and ALL attachments as listed above MUST BE MAILED in a single envelope AND MUST BE POSTMARKED no later than APRIL 15 to be considered. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Janet W. Smith by phone or text at 205-746-2632 or by email at

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